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SAG-AFTRA Performing Artist

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Dominic Lauren is transforming media representation of transgender people through his successful work as a SAG-AFTRA performing artist, actor, and dancer performing on Netflix, Hulu, HBOMax, Amazon Prime Video, and Apple TV. Dominic has worked with artists like Tegan and Sara. Dominic is featured in Rolling Stone, Teen Vogue, Vice, The Atlantic, Buzzfeed, The Advocate, HuffPost, Radio-Canada, Daily Mail, and Them.

Dominic is an award-winning speaker and advocate for the LGBTQ+ community. Dominic speaks to the trials and tribulations he faced when he came out as transgender at fourteen years old in 2010. Dominic shares about coming out in a religious all-girls high school environment, experiencing being disowned, struggling with and overcoming mental illness, and finding chosen family, compassion, forgiveness, and how to thrive.

Dominic is a consultant on LGBTQ+ inclusion and has worked with major organizations like the Trevor Project, GLAAD, GSA Network, ACLU, Transgender Law Center, National Center for Transgender Equality, PFlag, GLSEN, the Los Angeles LGBT Center, and has spoken at universities like UCLA.

Julie Palas, Director, Catastrophic Illness Commission

“Dominic weaves his life stories together with intellect, compassion and humor. Knowing he was transgender at an early age, he delivers a mesmerizing tale of euphoria and frustration. He is a natural born teacher and speaker due to his love of education and ability to share his most personal moments with empathy for others who may be experiencing their fair share of life’s lessons."

-Hope Casella, Los Angeles City Public Defender

"Dominic has a way about him that engages the entire room when he speaks; that’s something that can’t be taught. He is able to approach complex and often difficult subjects with so much ease and tact that those listening are bound to learn something new and even pass it onto others afterward. Hearing Dominic speak made me feel deep appreciation and admiration for his empathy, charisma, and passion for spreading awareness of critical issues and create positive representation for trans people."


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